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I almost cheated…

I almost cheated today, day 12 of my 40-day yoga challenge. I stared longingly at the Moscow mule cocktail I wanted to order, imagining what the delightful blend of bourbon, ginger and lime juice would taste like. But then I … Continue reading

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An Encounter with the Sunday Night Yoga Critic

Sunday night yoga – a time to get present and toss aside anxiety about the transition from weekend to work week. Yes, this was my intention. But what I found on the mat was a super judgmental freak. I’ve noticed … Continue reading

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Day 40 of 40 – the ‘grand’ finale

Here’s how I imagined my 40-day yoga challenge would end: on day 39 I’d partake in the weekly check-in meeting for a pre-celebration with the whole yoga crew and on day 40 I’d spring out of bed for my final … Continue reading

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Letting Go to Fly

Today marks day 28 of my 40-day yoga challenge and I’ve been practicing every single day. Sometimes I push my limits at hot power yoga sessions. On other days, I listen to what my body needs and invent my own … Continue reading

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The 40 Days of Yoga

Ten days ago I began a 40-day yoga challenge at my favorite local studio. I admit I was a bit worried about how I could fit more yoga into a jam-packed schedule. I already had a fitness regimen of running, … Continue reading

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Deciding to be happy again (and again)

Drama came crashing in at the start of the week without warning. And I was mad. Mad that there was nothing I could do to change the situation. Mad that the people I love were hurting each other so horribly. … Continue reading

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Pausing for space

Moments of pause have always had a specific purpose in my life. Pause the movie to dash upstairs for the quickest of bathroom breaks. Pause to jot down information. Pause for self-interrogation of what I’m forgetting in rushing out the … Continue reading

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What do I really need?

“Power or gentle?” The yoga studio receptionist smiled patiently, embodying the perfectly balanced ambiance of the earth-toned surroundings. “Hmmmmmm” dragged from my mouth like the duration of the noise would help prompt clarity and centeredness. But a “hmmm” an “om” … Continue reading

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Begin again

On those yoga days when I’ve misplaced my balance and my tree pose looks like it’s being rattled by an earthquake, I just let myself wobble. I try my best to remain on one foot. The majority of the time … Continue reading

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Taking yoga into the air

I’m addicted to yoga – on the mat, in snowshoes and while floating on a stand-up paddleboard – so I was beyond thrilled to take my practice into the air. I spent the Friday night and Saturday morning before class … Continue reading

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