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An Encounter with the Sunday Night Yoga Critic

Sunday night yoga – a time to get present and toss aside anxiety about the transition from weekend to work week. Yes, this was my intention. But what I found on the mat was a super judgmental freak. I’ve noticed … Continue reading

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The 40 Days of Yoga

Ten days ago I began a 40-day yoga challenge at my favorite local studio. I admit I was a bit worried about how I could fit more yoga into a jam-packed schedule. I already had a fitness regimen of running, … Continue reading

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Live big

When I re-entered normal life after an incredible four-day writing and yoga retreat in January, my biggest fear was that I’d lose the soul-energizing connection to purpose that I had discovered. And that purpose was writing and owning the title … Continue reading

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Flawed and fine with it

So I have a few confessions: I haven’t written in three days. I uncluttered my office months ago but just dropped off the overflowing donation boxes yesterday. I ran into my ex recently and discovered he still could make me … Continue reading

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Deciding to be happy again (and again)

Drama came crashing in at the start of the week without warning. And I was mad. Mad that there was nothing I could do to change the situation. Mad that the people I love were hurting each other so horribly. … Continue reading

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Just for fun

I love to run 5Ks. I’m not super fast but I get hooked on the thrill of competing against myself. As I dash the last half mile toward the finish, I often select a random competitor and vow I won’t … Continue reading

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Pausing for space

Moments of pause have always had a specific purpose in my life. Pause the movie to dash upstairs for the quickest of bathroom breaks. Pause to jot down information. Pause for self-interrogation of what I’m forgetting in rushing out the … Continue reading

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Discovering the magic

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” ― Roald Dahl Gentle snowflakes dancing … Continue reading

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Getting wild with wisdom

The book had been on various shelves of mine for close to a decade. As I shifted from one home to the next, it went unopened. The scrawling red “Wild Mind” text on the spine screamed for attention but the … Continue reading

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What do I really need?

“Power or gentle?” The yoga studio receptionist smiled patiently, embodying the perfectly balanced ambiance of the earth-toned surroundings. “Hmmmmmm” dragged from my mouth like the duration of the noise would help prompt clarity and centeredness. But a “hmmm” an “om” … Continue reading

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