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Coming Back: The Moofasa Piñata Story

It has been five weeks since my last post here. Five weeks of being completely lost. Grief is strange like that. It polarizes beauty and emptiness in ways I could never have imagined. It stripped away the labels and the … Continue reading

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Foxy’s Final Lesson

“Find the grace in all the things that you can’t change and help somebody if you can.” –Van Zant Foxy Brown conquered my heart in less than a day. She lured me in with her spirit. When I first met … Continue reading

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One last birthday gift

The sun was a fiery orange. It ducked beneath the trees just before 7:30 p.m. Tonight, I was there to witness the graceful swoop from visible to hidden. I was present, really present, sitting on the curved black park bench … Continue reading

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One Monkey Moment

“Life is available only in the present moment.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh I’ve been combating a post-adventure funk for a solid two weeks. I returned home high on accomplishment and all the life I breathed in while spending hours carefully … Continue reading

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Fear and Climbing in the Canadian Rockies

In my version of my first mountain summit in the Canadian Rockies, I’d tell you the steep snow wall I had to ascend to approach Mt. Gordon was a pure vertical. I’d remind you that I first became acquainted with … Continue reading

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Banff-Bound Bliss

I’m coasting on an amazing wave of energy today. It’s not coffee-induced. It’s not the reward of a full night’s sleep (I wish). It’s the thrill of once again living my dream. Tomorrow, I fly off to Canada for my … Continue reading

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Day 40 of 40 – the ‘grand’ finale

Here’s how I imagined my 40-day yoga challenge would end: on day 39 I’d partake in the weekly check-in meeting for a pre-celebration with the whole yoga crew and on day 40 I’d spring out of bed for my final … Continue reading

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Letting Go to Fly

Today marks day 28 of my 40-day yoga challenge and I’ve been practicing every single day. Sometimes I push my limits at hot power yoga sessions. On other days, I listen to what my body needs and invent my own … Continue reading

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Dreaming big mountain dreams

It has been almost exactly eight months since I reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. And it has taken me that long to answer the toughest question since my return: “what’s next?” Today, I finalized my answer just in time … Continue reading

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The 40 Days of Yoga

Ten days ago I began a 40-day yoga challenge at my favorite local studio. I admit I was a bit worried about how I could fit more yoga into a jam-packed schedule. I already had a fitness regimen of running, … Continue reading

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